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Antibodies against Ca2+ exchangers and Ca2+ pumps

Ca2+ - exchangers

Antibody toCodeHost animalProductFormRefQtyPrice USD
Na+-Ca2+ exchanger protein (cardiac) p 11-13 Rabbit Antiserum lyophil.  8  200 µl 340 Classic!
Na+-Ca2+ exchanger protein (cardiac) R3F1 Mouse monoclonal, IgG1 Conc. Supernat lyophil.  9  200 µl 410 Classic!
Na+-Ca2+ exchanger protein (cardiac) R3F1PUR Affinity purified IgG HPLC Purified lyophil.  9  100 µl 390 New !
Na+-Ca2+ exchanger protein (NCX3) 95209 Rabbit Antiserum lyophil.  16  200 µl 340 Classic!

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