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Swant Inc, Marly, Switzerland, which specializes in antibodies against calcium- binding proteins, has added some new products to its catalogue.

  • Affinity-purified IgGs for the monoclonal antibodies that are directed against either parvalbumin (235pur), calbindin D-28k (300pur) or calretinin (6B3pur). These products will be of benefit to scientists who need to know the exact concentrations of their antibodies.
  • Recombinant antibodies that are derived from human HEK293-cells after cloning the heavy and the light chains of the monoclonal antibodies 300 against calbindin D-28k (300rec) and of R3F1 against Na+Ca2+-ATPase (R3F1rec).
  • HPLC-purified recombinant murine proteins calbindin D-28k, calretinin and parvalbumin in 10 µg and 100 µg vials, dissolved in two types of buffer: 20 mM ammonium carbonate with either a low concentration of Ca2+ (0.001mM CaCl2), for intracellular injection ("ic") or a high one (0.1 mM CaCl2) for immunoblotting and absorption ("abs").
  • Three sensitive sandwich-ELISAs to measure the concentration of the calcium-binding proteins calbindin D-28k, calretinin and parvalbumin using our poly- and monoclonal antibodies.
  • Antibodies made in other species; goat for calbindin D-28k (in preparation) and guinea-pig for calretinin.
  • Antibodies against two «new» calcium-binding proteins, namely, tescalcin and HPLc4.

Swant sells the best antibodies against calcium binding proteins.

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